Amazon to replace plastic bags with paper alternatives in France

Estimates say that Amazon generated
211 million kg of plastic packaging in 2019
18 Nov 2021 − 

Amazon is accused of doing too little to avoid plastic waste. The company has now announced that it will replace plastic bags with paper alternatives for deliveries in France.

Amazon has decided to stop using disposable plastic pouches for delivering goods in France and replace them with paper alternatives by the end of this year. The online giant wants to use paper bags or cardboard envelopes because they are easier to recycle.

The decision affects packaging of small products delivered from Amazon's distribution centres in France. This also includes deliveries from third-party suppliers if they use Amazon's logistics network.

Amazon makes it clear that it is committed to optimising its packaging, adapting it to the size of the product and increasing the proportion of recycled materials. Since 2015, the company has reportedly reduced the weight of its packaging by more than 36 per cent. This has eliminated more than 1 million t of packaging materials, equivalent to 2 billion boxes. Amazon is also delivering more and more products in their original packaging without adding extra material. The group says it wants to continue to find solutions to use even more sustainable packaging in the future.

Recently, pressure has been mounting on Amazon to be more transparent and announce targets to avoid plastic waste.

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