Austrocel postpones pulp mill restart to January

"In January 2022, final tests for all plant components and the control system
of the cellulose digester will be carried out," says Austrocel.
13 Dec 2021 − 

The company expects regular production operations to be resumed swiftly, which means the first batches of pulp could be delivered to the market by the end of February.

Austria's specialty pulp and renewable energy company Austrocel will not resume operations at the pulp mill in Hallein before January 2022. Production has been at a standstill since 2 June 2021 due to a toxic gas leak in the digester. One person was killed in the fatal accident.

Originally, in early July the company announced its intention to resume operations in November. However, it has been likely for some time now that a postponement would become necessary in view of the required review and repair work.

The short-time work for the plant’s workforce ended as planned at end of November in order to prepare the plant for regular operations, Austrocel announced.

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