Billerud Korsnäs: Impact of three-week strike in Finland limited

Pietarsaari mill, Image courtesy of Billerud Korsnäs
Pietarsaari mill, Image courtesy of Billerud Korsnäs
04 Feb 2020 − 

Production at Billerud Korsnäss's Pietarsaari mill in Finland has been halted due to the strike.

The mill has a capacity to produce 200.000 t of kraft and sack paper. Loss in volume and sales during the three-week strike will stand at 12.000 t and €9m respectively, Lennard Holm, the company's CEO, said during a press conference. Customer supply is also secured for the three week strike, Mr Holm said, adding that things might become more critical should the strike take longer than three weeks.

No liquid packaging board on KM 7 in 2020

The ramping up of board production on the KM 7 at Gruvön mill is going according to schedule, said Mr Holm. The machine, which has been producing liner for customers since the end of June 2020, is expected to also make sellable cartonboard during 2020. First coated products were made on the machine in mid-January 2020, according to Mr Holm. However, liquid packaging board will only be produced from 2021 as the certification process for this grade, which was launched in January 2020, will take too long.

Mr Holm underlined that Billerud Korsnäs's priority during the start-up process was not to quickly increase production volume, but to be able to make sophisticated, high-margin products as soon as possible.

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