Billerud Korsnäs reports breakdown of SC pulp production at Gruvön mill

Billerud Korsnäs Gruvön mill
Photo courtesy of Billerud Korsnäs
16 May 2017 − 

Billerud Korsnäs reports a major breakdown of the digester in the semi-chemical pulp production line in Gruvön.

The pulp line supplies the fluting machine PM 6 with pulp and consequently no fluting from PM 6 can currently be produced, informs the company. The breakdown of the pulp line does not have an impact on the integrated chemical pulp mill; neither does it affect the production of kraft paper, liner or liquid packaging board at the mill.

“At this point in time it is not possible to estimate the financial damage and consequences on customer deliveries, but it will have a significant impact on the current quarter financials. We will return with additional information when we know what the impact will be,” says Per Lindberg, CEO of Billerud Korsnäs.

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