Burgo Ardennes woodfree paper mill resumes production

02 Apr 2020 − 

Burgo's Ardennes site in Belgium was down for ten days and has now restarted operations.

Italian Burgo Group has restarted production at its Ardennes mill in Belgium after a 10-day stoppage. The company reports that woodfree paper as well as pulp operations have been resumed on 30 March.

The site had been temporarily shut down on 20 March amid Covid-19 concerns. The mill is located in Vitron, Belgium, close to the border to France's Grand Est departement which is heavily affected by the spread of coronavirus. During the downtime, Burgo says it "carried out certain activities to improve safety working conditions in order to prevent the Covid-19 diffusion".

Burgo operates one paper machine at the Ardennes site with a capacity of 350,000 tpy of woodfree coated paper. The site also has a fibre line, which can make up to 360,000 tpy of bleached mixed hardwood kraft pulp. According to local media reports, the site employs around 700 people.

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