Burgo to reduce workforce at Duino and Verzuolo mills

30 Nov 2018 − 

Burgo is reducing its staff. It seems as if the short time working arrangements at Duino and Verzuolo mills will not be extended.

Around 160 employees at Italian Duino and Verzuolo mills of paper producer Burgo are in danger of being laid off. A spokesman for the SLC Cgil trade union told EUWID that in Duino, the solidarity contracts which guarantee continued employment for around 100 persons would expire the at the end of January. Local media reported that the layoff process had already been initiated.

In Duino, Burgo is considering to sell the idled LWC paper machine PM 2 to coreboard manufacturer Cartiera die Ferrara and to convert it to recycled board production. However, negotiations which have been dragging on for a while now have not been concluded yet and it is not clear if or when the project will be realised.

Similarly, jobs are at risk at the Verzuolo mill. Short-time work for 62 employees would expire in January and Burgo was planning to lay them off, the trade union said. The short-time work was related to the closure of PM 8 at the mill in February this year.

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