Burgo Tolmezzo paper mill temporary down due to Covid-19

Burgo Tolmezzo mill suspended production last week
after four people tested positive for Covid-19.
11 Nov 2020 − 

Tolmezzo fine and specialty paper mill houses two paper machines and produces woodfree uncoated offset paper in reels and sheets, copy paper, and machine-glazed paper for packaging applications.

Burgo group has suspended production at the Tolmezzo paper mill in Italy last week after four people tested positive for Covid-19. The four employees are working at mill's power plant which is supplying electricity and process steam for pulp and paper production, writes Italy's daily Il Messagero Veneto with reference to trade union sources.

With four out of eleven employees missing from work, it was not possible for Burgo to maintain regular three shift operations at the power plant, and the group had to temporarily stop production and finishing operations at the Tolmezzo site, according to trade union sources. A wage guarantee scheme casa integrazione was signed for the entire staff of 305 for the period from 5 to 15 November.

Responding to EUWID enquiry on the temporary downtime at the Tolmezzo mill, Burgo explained that order management is proceeding regularly with customers being served from stock or through "verified back up plants at other Burgo mills that can produce the same quality as Tolmezzo."

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