Canfor Pulp announces production curtailments at two pulp mills after flooding

The floods in British Columbia have caused problems for Canfor Pulp
06 Dec 2021 − 

The devastating floods in British Columbia, Canada have caused major logistical problems. Canfor Pulp will now reduce pulp production for several weeks at its Northwood and Taylor pulp mills as supply chains are disrupted.

Canadian pulp supplier Canfor Pulp Products has announced temporary NBSK pulp and BCTMP production cuts at Northwood Pulp Mill and Taylor Pulp Mill in response to significant transport problems being experienced in British Columbia (BC). The company reports that its pulp deliveries have declined owing to the recent weather-related transportation disruptions, whereas its production continued. As a result, pulp mill inventories are nearing capacity.

Canfor's pulp production will now be curtailed until the BC transportation network is able to return to normal operating conditions and inventories have fallen to their usual level again. The company announced a minimum two-week curtailment of NBSK pulp production at the Northwood Pulp Mill and a minimum four-week curtailment of the production of BCTMP at the Taylor Pulp Mill.

Since mid-November torrential rainfall over several consecutive days have caused flooding and landslide in the province in western Canada. The road and rail networks have been largely flooded and damaged, smaller bridges have in part collapsed. British Columbia's transport minister called the storm the "worst weather storm in a century".

Canfor's Northwood Pulp Mill in Prince George offers a capacity of 620,000 tpy of bleached softwood kraft pulp. The Taylor Pulp Mill is the only mill of the company that produces BCTMP and has a capacity of 220,000 tpy.

Overall, Canfor Pulp operates four mills with an aggregated capacity of 1.1 million tpy of northern, unbleached and above all bleached softwood kraft pulp (NBSK) and 220,000 tpy of BCTMP.

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