Caustic soda producers target strong price hikes to pass on rising costs

NaOH prices are on the rise across Europe.
15 Oct 2021 − 

Following a price hike for thrid-quarter deliveries, caustic soda manufacturers announced another price hike for deliveries as of October.

The latest developments on the caustic soda (NaOH) market in Europe are driving price increases. With demand in Europe settling in at a high level, supplies of NaOH appear to be tight. And current energy problems are creating additional risks, which not only affect costs but also the reliability of production and supply, explain EUWID sources from the chlorine industry.

Against this background, NaOH producers have announced a new price hike of up to €180/t. The price hike was mostly cost-driven as the industry cannot swallow the excessive increase in production costs, according to manufacturers.

The majority of NaOH buyers surveyed by EUWID did not experience any problems with deliveries so far. They say they have been informed by their suppliers about bottlenecks, which were mainly attributed to planned but also to unplanned and extended downtimes. But with mostly good cooperative relationships, there is reliability and deliveries are secure, they say.

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