China confirms AD duties on dissolving pulp

07 Apr 2014 − 

China continues with anti-dumping measures on dissolving pulp imports from Brazil, Canada and the USA.

China will continue imposing anti-dumping tariffs on dissolving pulp, cotton linters and bamboo pulp imports from Brazil, Canada and the USA. China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) announced it has decided to introduce definitive anti-dumping duties , following the provisional measure started in November 2013. The definitive AD duties of up to 33,5% have become effective on April 6 and will last for the next five years.

Anti-dumping duty rates for cellulose pulp imports from the USA range from 16.9% to 33.5%. Canadian companies are subject to rates ranging from 0% to 23.7%, while Brazilian companies will have to pay 6.8% to 11.5%. Canada's Neucel Specialty Cellulose and Brazil's Bahia Specialty Cellulose have been exempted from the ruling.

MOFCOM's decision follows an anti-dumping investigation that was launched in February last year at the request of seven Chinese pulp companies. In its final ruling on April 4, MOFCOM said that in the period under investigation there was clear evidence of dumping, that China's domestic pulp industry was substantially damaged by pulp imports from Brazil, Canada and the USA and that there was "causal relationship between the dumping and the substantive damage" to Chinese pulp producers.

Specialty cellulose imports from the USA, Canada and Brazil have been subject to provisional anti-dumping tariffs since November 2013.

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