Conai cuts environmental levy for paper packaging in Italy

At the beginning of 2022, the environmental contribution for
paper packaging in Italy will have declined by 80 per cent
30 Nov 2021 − 

There will be some cost relief for Italian packaging producers and users. The environmental contribution for paper packaging is set to be lowered again.

Conai, the Italian consortium of packaging suppliers and converters, has announced cuts to the environmental contribution for paper packaging in the country from the beginning of the new year. From 1 January 2022, packaging producers and users will pay just €10/t instead of €25 at present. This is the second time that the contributions are reduced this year. In view of the high price of recovered paper, the environmental contribution was already lowered in July this year from €55 to €25/t.

As a consortium of packaging producers and consumers in Italy, Conai enables fulfilment of the statutory targets for reuse and recycling of waste packaging. Conai uses the environmental contribution to meet the costs of separate collection and recycling of packaging wastes and distributes the costs to producers and consumers.

Conai's current announcement represents a reduction of the environmental contribution by 80 per cent in a short time. The consortium estimates that the two reductions together will yield cost savings of around €200m. Conai hopes that the measure will encourage companies to use more paper packaging in future and promote recycling.

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