Covid-19: French paper manufacturers demand from government status as security-relevant industry

France is to pass a bill approving the state of sanitary emergency declaration
19 Mar 2020 − 

Packaging paper and board and tissue articles will be needed to fight the spread of the coronavirus, the association says.

COPACEL, the association of French paper manufacturers, is demanding that the French government grant it the status of an industry necessary for the security of the nation and for the continuation of economic and social life in the planned emergency health law in France. The association states that this status is necessary to maintain production in vital areas.

The association says that paper and paperboard packaging is essential for the transport of food, medicines and medical equipment. Similarly, without hygienic paper and pulp, a number of articles that are essential for human health and for combating the spread of the corona virus would not exist, the association continued. Graphic papers and special papers are also needed, for example, for the production of medicine inserts and breathing masks.

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