DOC imposes preliminary antidumping duties
on Canadian paper imports

14 Mar 2018 − 

After imposing preliminary countervailing duties on certain Canadian paper imports, which include the import of newsprint, the US Department of Commerce has now also imposed preliminary antidumping duties.

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) has imposed preliminary antidumping duties on the import of certain grades of uncoated groundwood paper, including newsprint. In January, preliminary countervailing duties were already imposed on almost the same paper grades. DOC said it would announce its final determination on or about 2 August 2018.

The duties relate to uncoated groundwood paper which has been made with at least 50% of groundwood pulp or deinked pulp, weighing not more than 90 g/m², according to official documents. This definition includes but is not limited to standard newsprint, high bright newsprint, book publishing paper as well as printing and writing papers. The measure applies to paper shipped in any form, including but not limited to both rolls and sheets. Paper printed with final content, SC paper, uncoated groundwood construction and manila drawing paper as well as uncoated groundwood directory paper are excluded from the scope.


DOC calculated a preliminary dumping rate of 22.16% for Catalyst Paper as well as for all other producers and exporters of uncoated groundwood paper from Canada. Resolute Forest Products Canada and White Birch Paper Canada are the only exception. These two companies are exempted from the antidumping duties.

DOC's decision follows an initiative by US manufacturer of printing and writing papers North Pacific Paper Company (Norpac), who petitioned the agency in August last year to impose antidumping and countervailing duties.


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