European supermarkets offer the potential to substitute around 1.5 million tpy of plastic packaging for food and beverages

14 Aug 2019 − 

Corrugated is well positioned to replace plastic for fruit and vegetable trays, ready meals and shelf-ready trays, a report by DS Smith and White Space outlines.

Over 80 per cent of surveyed industry leaders said that reducing the consumption of plastics plays a key role in their efforts to make packaging solutions more sustainable. That said, there are a number of objectives that are difficult to achieve concurrently, the report observes. What is clear, is that 80 of the surveyed leaders consider it important to address disposable plastic products and over 90 per cent are of the opinion that using other materials than plastics is part of the solution to this problem.

While plastics currently have a bad image, it is necessary to critically review the CO2 footprint of alternative materials, says the review quoting a market insider. For instance, food wastes could show a more unfavourable CO2 balance than plastics, the report adds. In principle, it is possible to reuse plastics, reduce consumption of plastic packaging, to recycle or replace them. Plastics recycling is just incomplete, so what is necessary is to make improvements to the collecting, separating and recycling infrastructure.

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