Finnish trade unions announce two-week strike in the paper industry

20 Jan 2020 − 

The Finnish paper industry and other industry sectors could be paralysed for two weeks from the end of the month - a strike is looming.

Finnish trade union Teollisuusliitto announced an extensive strike from 27 January to 9 February, which would affect around 150 companies from several industry sectors including the forest and chemicals industry.

The trade union for the paper industry Paperiliitto also drew attention to the planned strike, which stands to affect most of the paper industry. The strike would be held unless the result of a new collective bargaining agreement with employee representatives was reached, the trade union said. The next meeting with a mediator is slated to take place on 21 January.

Explaining the reasons for the strike, Paperiliitto said that it had been in negotiations with the Finnish Forest Industries Federation FFIF since August for new collective bargaining agreements and talks had not made any progress, let alone led to an agreement.

The consequences of a strike in the forest industry would not be insignificant. According to FFIF, forest industry products account for about a fifth of Finland's exports. The segment employs about 42,000 people directly and about 140,000 Finns indirectly.

This article is an excerpt from our article on the strikes in Finland.

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