Fortum and Metsä Group join multi-million fibre research programme

Straw and northern wood fibre are at the heart of the
Expand Fibre reserch and development programme.
19 Jun 2020 − 

Expand Fibre joint R&D programme is aimed at developing technologies and smart business concepts that are required to convert straw and wood fibre into novel bioproducts.

Fortum and Metsä Group joined forces with the state agency Business Finland to create an research and development programme on bioproducts made from straw wood pulp fibre. The joint R&D programme, called Expand Fibre, is to be launched in summer 2020 and extending for four year until August 2024.

Expand Fibre is said to build on the profound knowledge of Finland's forest products industy in order to provide selected markets with new, high-volume bioproducts that have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to similar, fossil-based products available today. The programme focuses on different research themes, such as textiles, biocomposites, packaging materials, straw fibre, hemicellulose or lignin.

According to Fortum and Metsä Group, the R&D programme is valued at €50m, and has been granted EUR 20 million from Business Finland.

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