France: cartonboard manufacturers hoping to raise prices again in June and July

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Manufacturers want to hike cartonboard prices in France
18 May 2021 − 

French GD board prices edged higher in March and April, and producers are now eyeing another round of price hikes. They intend to tack on €30-50/t for deliveries in June or July.

GD board manufacturers citing the same arguments as in spring: recovered paper prices have soared in recent months, and demand for cartonboard is good. The rapid growth in prices for recycled cartonboard grades was nibbling away at their margins, manufacturers said, adding that a few other production items had soared in price, too.

Order intake and delivery times for GD board are vaulting to heights not seen in a long time, according to market sources in France. Deliveries had been at normal good levels in April, but the amount of incoming orders was very high, producers confirmed. Insiders are now quoting lead times of at least eight to ten weeks, and often longer, for GD board.

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