France to replace plastic packaging for some fresh fruit and vegetables from January onwards

13 Oct 2021 − 

Government expects 1 billion packagings less per year.

In implementation of the law against waste (loi Anti-Gaspillage pour une Economie Circulaire) passed last year, the French government has published a list of fruit and vegetable varieties in the food trade that may no longer be packaged with plastic from 1 January 2022. The goal is the progressive implementation of the law by the middle of 2026, with the main aim of achieving that considerably more fruit and vegetables are sold loose. According to the government, this currently accounts for only about 1-3% of fruit and vegetable sales in medium-sized and large retail outlets; by 2030, the share is to be increased to 20%. Fruit and vegetables that are sold in units of 1.5 kg or more, as well as perishable fruit and vegetables, are excluded from the regulation that has now been passed. There will also be a tolerance period of six months for the disposal of packaging stocks.

The government expects the elimination of 1 billion packages per year. The French Government estimates that currently 37% of fresh fruit and vegetables are packaged in plastic.

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