French printing industry federation calls on paper suppliers to respect existing supply contracts

27 Oct 2021 − 

Uniic complains about shortage of paper supply and pricing.

Uniic (Union Nationale des Industries de l'Impression et de la Communication), the French printing and graphic arts industry federation, has issued a public statement calling on its members' paper suppliers to adhere to agreed prices and conditions. The federation states that it is exposed to unilateral price fixing by paper manufacturers for the most important types of paper, which constitutes a violation of the agreed conditions. Moreover, they were done in a way that gave the impression of collusion, as the demanded price increases were of the same or similar nature, the association said in its statement. Other terms and conditions agreed on between paper suppliers and association members are also being unilaterally terminated or changed, Uniic says.

The association also complains about the significant current shortage of paper supply and the uncertainty of supply. There are repeated delays in the delivery of the required paper, which causes immense difficulties for printers to fulfil their orders on time.

The president of the Uniic federation, Pascal Bovéro, told EUWID that the federation appeals to the responsibility of the paper manufacturers. It is not acceptable that paper producers increase prices by 100-150 € per tonne from one day to the next or do not deliver paper. The federation once again calls on the paper industry to engage in dialogue, but reserves the right to take legal action if no solution is found. The federation says it is writing an open letter to its paper suppliers and will also call on the Commission d'examen des pratiques commerciales (CEPC) if it encounters illegal practices. This institution issues opinions and recommendations, but these are not legally binding. However, if necessary, relevant cases will also be reported to the competition authority, Uniic explains.

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