German brown kraftliner prices cheaper as of December

Source: EUWID
08 Jan 2019 − 

Prices on the German market for brown kraftliner have dropped in the closing month of the year on good supply and cooler demand.

According to EUWID sources, this trend reflected what has been happening on the brown kraftliner market for quite some time now. Many buyers and converters had ordered more paper than they needed during peak periods when having reliable deliveries was deemed to be more important than prices, creating a bubble.

Moreover, demand from the corrugated board industry had cooled palpably, not only for conjectural reasons, but also because converters that had switched to substitute grades during the period of short kraftliner supplies, planned to stick with them.

Nevertheless, the price reduction that had materialised at the end of the year is said to be only a drop in the bucket compared to the price hikes over the last two years.

This is an excerpt of EUWID Pulp and Paper's monthly market and price report on the corrugated case material market in Germany. Subscribers to the print and e-paper editions will find the entire article in EUWID Pulp and Paper issue 01/02.2019 on 9 January.

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