German market for coated woodfree paper sees end of the summer slump

21 Aug 2019 − 

The first signs of demand recovery following the summer slump are now being seen on the market for woodfree coated paper in Germany.

Demand for woodfree coated paper in Germany continues to be less than satisfactory. Still, many a EUWID respondent among paper suppliers is under the impression that business has been picking up somewhat recently.

Some buyers at printing companies also say that the summer lull has come to an end. Nevertheless, day-to-day business is mostly still described as quiet and, in contrast to last year, there are barely any inquiries and last-minute orders, respondents say. After last year's price hikes, many objects have permanently disappeared, they add.

Pricing continues to be inconsistent. The future price trend on the fine paper market will be largely influenced by the development of pulp prices. If these continue to slide, as most players expect, the downward price trend for woodfree papers will also persist owing to the existing oversupply.

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