Germany: LWC producers to focus on price hikes despite quiet business in April

18 Apr 2012 − 

In view of the high cost burden, paper manufacturers retain focus on price adjustments. The issue has also been revived in the LWC paper segment in Germany in spite of rather quite maket at the beginning of the second quarter.

EUWID sources reported modest and quiet business on the LWC market in Germany. Nevertheless, many producers said to be largely satisfied with the order inflow and capacity utilisation rates at the beginning of the second quarter, resulting in longer lead times for most LWC paper grades. Buyers confirmed supplier’s reports of extended delivery periods. Not every grade and grammage can be delivered off the shelf, it is learnt.

Paper producers were also talking about a potential hike to LWC prices for deliveries in the second quarter or second half of the year. They explained their plans with the drop in sales price in the first quarter and higher raw materials and production costs. Some suppliers also cited an increase in demand for publication papers in the coming months.

Sceptics believe the price plans to be premature and are critical of the posturing by the paper industry.

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