Ikea to phase out plastic packaging

The company might use recycled or renewable source-based plastic
packaging in some parts of the Ikea food range beyond 2028.
26 Nov 2021 − 

Ikea will use no more plastic packaging for all new range of products by 2025, and will phase out plastic packaging in its running range of products by 2028.

Sweden's furniture giant Ikea announced it will phase out plastic from consumer packaging solutions by 2028. This was in line wih the company's aims to reduce plastic waste and develop packaging solutions from renewable and recycled materials.

According to Ikea, the phase-out will happen in steps, starting with all new range by 2025, and running range by 2028.

Ikea says its spends over €1bn on approximately 920,000 t of packaging material. It has reportedly already reduced the use of plastic in packaging solutions. "Today, less than 10 per cent of the total volume of packaging material used annually by Ikea consist of plastics," the company announced.

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