Indonesia introduces ISRI standards for recovered paper imports

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02 Jul 2019 − 

After reversing course in spring, Indonesian authorities will now introduced more inspections and require compliance with quality standards for recovered paper imports.

Companies carrying out inspections in Europe told EUWID that 100 per cent inspections have been carried since 1 June. The entire load is being inspected, with two bales in each container opened and checked, sources said.

For quality requirement, ISRI standards apply, the companies confirmed. According to these standards, the paper may have a moisture content of up to 12 per cent, while caps for outthrows and prohibitive materials vary from grade to grade. There are also "zero tolerance" materials, which are defined as "materials that contain any amount of medical, organic, food waste, hazardous, poisonous, radioactive or toxic waste and other harmful substances or liquids."

For more information, please visit:  https://www.isri.org/recycling-commodities/scrap-specifications-circular

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