Indonesia postpones introduction of exporter registration to 1 January 2021

Shipments of recovered paper to Indonesia are possible again
Shipments of recovered paper to Indonesia are possible again
16 Oct 2020 − 

The Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia has postponed the introduction of the exporter registration scheme for secondary raw material suppliers to 1 January 2021.

Material shipped before this date has to arrive at the Indonesian port of destination by 28 February, according to Regulation 83 of 2020 of the Ministry. The regulation was published on 15 October and comes into force on 18 October.

Indonesian importers of recovered paper and other non-hazardoux and non-toxic wastes, which were not able to buy any material in Europe since 1 October 2020, can now return to the European market. Experts talking to EUWID expect that this will give European recovered fibre markets a boost in difficult times due to China’s decision to close its doors to imports.

On the other hand, European companies directly exporting to Indonesia now have some breathing space to complete their registration. The procedures for registration, which can vary from country to country, have not been subject to any change, and are described as “cumbersome and lengthy.”

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