Insolvency proceedings opened over Tönnesmann

11 Jul 2018 − 

After filing for insolvency around two months ago, producer of one-side coated recycled papers Tönnesmann is now in insolvency proceedings. Production is said to be still down.

The insolvency proceedings over German specialty paper producer Papierfabrik Tönnesmann Hönnetal GmbH were opened on 1 July. The company had filed for insolvency on 15 May this year. According to the insolvency administrator's office, it has not been possible to resume operations since then. The company continued to search for a buyer, but the talks turned out to be very difficult since production had now been at a standstill for almost two months, it added.

Tönnesmann produced one-side coated recycled papers for envelopes, dispatch bags, packaging and gift wrapping paper. The company had 59 employees.

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