Intergraf deplores higher US duties on printed products

14 Oct 2019 − 

Higher duties will hit European printing industry also in other goods categories such as food and beverages, association says.

Intergraf, the European association for printed and digital communication, deplores the 25 per cent additonal duty imposed by the USA on some printed products from the EU and has demanded that these be removed from the list of dutiable goods. Following the WTO ruling in the dispute over subsidies granted to Airbus, the USA imposed duties on the import of aircraft and other goods which include printed products. Intergraf explains that the sanctions particularly affect printed products from Germany and the UK which account for around 70 per cent for all US imports of printed products from the EU. The association notes that the trade balance between the EU and the USA is neutral in this case: the EU exports printed products worth €919m to the USA while US exports to the EU are valued at €928m. Books account for roughly half of this goods exchange.

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