ISRI: Indonesian rules on waste paper imports still subject to discussion

Tanjung Priok port, Copyright: Creativa Images - stock.adobe
Tanjung Priok port, Copyright: Creativa Images - stock.adobe
26 Jul 2019 − 

The quality requirements that will apply to recovered paper (RCP) imports are still not set in stone in Indonesia. This became clear after a visit of officials from the US Institute of Scrap Recycling (ISRI) and the PSI at the beginning of July.

Indonesian authorities informed inspection agencies and shipping companies of the introduction of ISRI standards for RCP shipments into Indonesia as of 1 June. These are much less strict than the standards China has introdcued, and would especially facilitate RCP imports from north America, where these standards apply anyway.

However, it seems that these standards are still being questioned by some Indonesian authorities, according to a statement by ISRI. ISRI representatives Adina Renee Adler (ISRI's assistant vice president of international affairs), and George Chen (former PSI Chapter President) undertook a trip to the country at the beginning of July.

It seems the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, which leads the government's import policy, it is not yet convinced it can accept the ISRI specifications because they allow for a small percentage of contaminants and outthrows in imported recovered paper, according to the ISRI statement. These thresholds cause concerns because Indonesia's waste management infrastructure lacks sufficient capacity.

Furthermore, Indonesian customs will, in addition to requiring preshipment inspections, check the quality of imported RCP when the cargo arrives at any port, and reject entire shipments if any prohibitive materials are being found.

All exporters are therefore advised to be "very careful" when shipping recovered fibre to Indonesia, ISRI advises.

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