Italian recovered paper prices mostly stable in October

The price spectrum for mixed paper
and board (1.02) slightly widened in October
03 Nov 2020 − 

There was some downward pressure on OCC prices on Italy's recovered paper market in October. By contrast, mixed paper prices were sometimes even lifted by a few euros. However, most prices remained stable in October, although the Covid-related uncertainty is slowly coming back.

Ordinary recovered paper grades more or less cost the same in October as they had in September, with a couple of adjustments here and there. Market players noticed that there were sufficient, but not excessive amounts of material around on the market.

Old corrugated containers (OCC; 1.05) were frequently selling at unchanged prices. In some cases, however, peak prices were capped since OCC was a little more readily available than in September amidst a slowdown in export business.

Many mixed paper and board (1.02) prices were also stable between September and October. Slight upward pressure was evident, though, meaning that buyers sometimes agreed to hand over a couple of euros more for this grade. Supply was a little tight here and there, sources explained.

With the surge of Covid-19 infection numbers in Italy came the return of some uncertainty about the knock-on effects of the second wave. The question is whether recovered paper will become scarce again. The market is not seeing a great deal of commotion yet, but market players are keeping a watchful eye on what is happening.

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