Italy's recovered paper exports
to China handled via CCIC Europe

04 Feb 2019 − 

The European branch of inspection agency CCIC will be in charge of inspecting Italy's recovered paper volumes intended for export to China in the future.

In recent years, Italy has been one of the most important European suppliers of recovered paper for Chinese paper mills. Changes in the inspection regulations for recovered paper exports introduced by the Chinese government now make it more difficult for Italian suppliers to ship recovered paper to China.

Italy does not have an approved pre-shipment inspection agency run by the CCIC inspection organisation, the only ones allowed to inspect solid waste to be exported to China. However, affected companies and a CCIC spokesperson say it was decided in January that recovered paper exports from Italy to China must be handled by the CCIC Europe branch in Brussels in the future.

Although this decision still allows exports to China, it comes with complications and higher costs for Italian recovered paper exporters.

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