Kaicell wants to produce more pulp at planned mill

Photo courtesy of Kaicell Fibers
11 Jun 2018 − 

The new pulp mill Kaicell Fibers is planning to construct in Finland might produce up to 600,000 instead of 500,000 tpy of pulp. A next step in the planning process has been taken.

Finnish company Kaicell Fibers has completed the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process for its planned pulp mill in Finland after about six months and intends to file an application for environmental approval in the current year. The EIA documents were submitted to the local authorities in December 2017. Authorities, associations and private individuals had the opportunity to comment on the project. "The dialogue has been active and constructive," said the company. The final report is being reviewed again by the authorities.

Compared to the figures and facts of the possible scenarios presented six months ago, there have been changes. While Kaicell Fibers had previously planned a capacity of 400,000 to 500,000 t of bleached softwood and hardwood pulp, the figure is now 500,000 to 600,000 t. The amount of pulp to be used for further processing into textile fibers also increased from a maximum of 100,000 t to 100,000-400,000 t.

The pulp mill and the associated bio-refinery are to be built in Paltamo,Finland.


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