Kama Karton to begin FBB production at end of 2020

Kama board machine
Kama board machine, Image courtesy of Kama
04 Aug 2020 − 

Kama Karton, based in Russia’s Perm region, is aiming at becoming Russia's first folding boxboard producer. The company will start up its new FBB machine at the end of 2020.

The machine will have a total production capacity of 220,000 tpy of coated FBB. The board is destined for both the domestic and the export markets, with an expected export share of up to 50 per cent, according to Kama.

Total investment in Russia’s first production plant for coated FBB reportedly amounts to RUB22.8bn (€263m). The project is funded by Otkritie Bank, sole proprietor of Kama Pulp and Paper Mill (Kama PPM) and Kama Karton. After commissioning, the plant could cover roughly half of Russia’s FBB imports.

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