Kraftliner buyers in Germany have to pay more in December

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Prices for kraftliner went up in Germany in December
14 Dec 2021 − 

Prices for brown kraftliner in Germany increased in December, defying converters’ hopes to cut or defer the hike.

Amid a more normalised demand and improved stock levels, kraftliner buyers had hoped to be able to cut or defer price increases announced for December.

However, as December got going, it became clear that the mark-up for brown kraftliner had apparently taken effect in full after all. Just a few contacts claim having achieved a minor success in talks.

In the case of white-top kraftliner, a few companies were able to pay less than paper mills were asking, but most companies also had to accept the full hike. White-top krafltiner supply was still tight and had only improved slightly, market experts told EUWID.

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