Last-minute Chinese import quotas let importers cut it close to the wire

Container ship
Container ship
17 Sep 2020 − 

The China Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Centre of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) issued a twelfth batch of import licences for this year on Wednesday.

The new tranche of import quotas is substantial, covering over 710,000 tonnes of recovered paper, bringing the total volume for 2020 to 6.65 million t.

Chinese authorities have repeatedly announced that they will end the imports of waste for recycling at the start of 2021. Recyclate arriving after 1 January is to be subject to hefty fines imposed on illegal waste imports.

The year-end deadline doesn't leave importers with European suppliers much time to utilise the newly issued import quotas. Under normal conditions, shipments into October and even November would have reached China before the end of the year, but market insiders have told EUWID that at present, shipping times can run up to twelve weeks, due to longer layovers and routes.

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