Lucart's Laval-sur-Vologne tissue mill partly down due to fire

Tissue production had to be interrupted
due to a fire at Lucart's mill in France
04 Mar 2021 − 

One of the two tissue machines at Lucart's tissue mill in Laval-sur-Vologne in France is currently still down. The site was hit by a fire.

The French Laval-sur-Vologne mill of tissue produder Lucart was hit by a fire. A company spokesman told EUWID that the fire broke out on the evening of 1 March in the site's warehouses. The site's machinery was reportedly not damaged. However, recovered paper stocks were burnt in the blaze.

Production at the tissue mill, which was stopped after the accident, has partly resumed. According to the spokesman, one of the two tissue machines at the mill was brought back into operation on 3 March. The second machine would follow in one of the following days, he said. The converting lines were not affected by the fire.

The Laval-sur-Vologne mill operates two tissue machines with a capacity of 23,000 tpy and 38,000 tpy respectively. They are specialised in the production of recycled tissue but also make virgin fibre tissue. The site also houses nine converting lines.

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