Major strike in Finnish paper industry moving closer

22 Jan 2020 − 

The time is running out: A two-week strike which would affect big parts of the paper industry is looming as workers' and employers' representatives cannot agree on the terms of new contracts.

Talks between the Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF) and workers' representatives, which are meant to bring new contracts and avoid a major strike in the paper industry, have still not led to an agreement. The Finnish paper worker's union Paperiliitto reported that a meeting with a mediator on 21 January had been unsuccessful, adding that another meeting had been set up for 23 January.

Time is slowly running out as the planned strike would start next week, unless the negotiating parties reach to an agreement on new collective bargaining agreements. Last week, Finnish industrial trade union Teollisuusliitto announced an extensive strike from 27 January to 9 February, which would affect around 150 companies from several industry sectors including the forest and chemicals industry.

Explaining the reasons for the strike announcement, Paperiliitto said it had been in negotiations with the FFIF since August for new collective bargaining agreements and talks had not made any progress. The trade union complains of the "exceptionally hard" demands of the employers.

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