Newsprint prices in Poland drop as Kwidzyn
discontinues newsprint production

04 Feb 2020 − 

While negotiations for all publication papers ended with price decreases in Poland at the end of January, cuts were the deepest for newsprint.

In view of changing market conditions and plummeting demand – goes the official explanation – International Paper in Kwidzyn will discontinue production of its Presso brand of newsprint in the first quarter of this year. Thereafter, PM 3 will produce only fresh-fibre packaging paper.

On the whole, market players’ expectations of the Polish paper and board market in 2019 were seldom fulfilled. Demand either partly receded noticeably in some segments e.g. fine paper and publication paper, or growth was slower than expected, which was the case with corrugated case material. Prices weakened significantly across the board last year. Lower costs of recovered paper and pulp were largely passed on.

This article is an excerpt from EUWID's quarterly report on the paper markets in Poland.

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