Metsä Board’s Husum mill idled after fire

Metsä Board's Husum mill from above
Metsä Board's Husum mill has suspended production
21 Jun 2021 − 

Pulp and paperboard production at Metsä Board’s Husum mill in Sweden has been temporarily suspended following a fire at a conveyor on Friday 18 June.

According to preliminary estimates, pulp production will be at a standstill for four weeks, Metsä Board announced. Paperboard production is expected to start in the coming days at a lower than normal capacity.

Metsä Board provided more details on the damage: A conveyor feeding wood chips to both the hardwood and softwood digesters at the pulp mill caught fire on 18 June at about 12:30 pm CET. The city fire brigade managed to get the fire under control by about 14:30 CET and could hand over the responsibilities for surveillance to the Husum mill local fire brigade at 21:30 CET. Nobody was injured, and the fire did not spread to other buildings, Metsä Board announced.

The cause of the fire and the extent of the damage as well as the impact on production are currently being investigated and are under further evaluation.

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