Mondi to start-up rebuilt PM 1 at Swiecie mill in late March

Photo courtesy of VDP
27 Feb 2017 − 

The rebuild of PM 1 at Mondi's packaging paper mill in Swiece, Poland is about to start. The company plans to increase kraftliner capacity by 80,000 tpy which is expected to be available from the end of March.

The Mondi group is progressing in its project to expand capacity at its Polish site in Swiecie. The manager of the paper and packaging mill, Maciej Kunda, announced that the rebuild of PM 1 would begin in March and be completed by the end of the month. Thereafter, the site would be able to produce 80,000 t of lightweight kraftliner more than at present. The capacity of the mill was already increased once in 2007 from 130,000 to 180,000 tpy for paper in the 90-140 g/m² weight range.

Mill capacity for softwood sulphate pulp will be concurrently increased by 100,000 tpy. The capacity currently amounts to around 350,000 tpy, according to earlier reports from Mondi on its Polish mill.

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