Navigator to further hike prices for woodfree uncoated papers as of January

Navigator launches another price hike initiative
for its woodfree uncoated paper range.
08 Dec 2021 − 

Navigator will double the surcharge on UWF paper prices from €50 to €100/t due to continuous variable cost increases. 

Portguese pulp and paper manufacturer The Navigator Company (Navigator) will increase the list prices for its UWF (uncoated woodfree) papers by 10-15 per cent for all deliveries as of 3 January. According to Navigator, the price hike includes a rise of the previously announced surcharge from €50 to €100/t.

"Since the last communication, where Navigator announced a price increase of around 8 per cent and a €50/t surcharge with an implementation date from 1 November onwards, the industry has been continuously facing additional variable cost increases, particularly in energy and logistics, that is also leading to increases in the majority of other commodities, such as chemicals and packaging materials. Additionally, The Navigator Company is witnessing a significant increase in demand for its products and brands, which leads to a record of its order book," the company explained.

Against the background of volatile markets, the new price list has a maximum validity of two monhts, while the surcharge is to be reviewed month by month.What is more, Navigator also said that it would not be able to inform its customers about future price changes four weeks in advance, as usually.

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