New decree says paper and packaging essential for Italy

Conti government has introduced a new set of measures
to fight coronavirus spread in Italy.
23 Mar 2020 − 

Italy's recycling, paper and packaging industry is allowed to continue operating amid Covid-19 spread. Some companies, however, are taking downtime.

In its effort to contain the spread of Covid-19, the Italian government issued a new decree and imposed a more restrictive set of measures on the country's industry effective 23 March. With the new decree, the government has ordered a temporary shutdown of all non-essential industries until 3 April.

The country’s pulp, paper and packaging industries, and all adjacent activities necessary to guarantee smooth business at mills and facilities, are not affected by the temporary closure order and are allowed to continue regular operations. This also includes waste disposal activities, waste paper collection and recycling of secondary raw materials, wholesale and merchanting of pulp, paper and packaging, and printing and distribution of newspapers and magazines, among other things.

A couple of paper and packaging producers, especially those serving food, pharma and soap and detersives industries, have already informed their customers, partners and stakeholders that their production sites in Italy were fully operational and will maintain regular operations, while implementing strict measures to guarantee the safety and health of the employees.

Nevertheless, the effects of coronavirus pandemic on the private and public sectors, transport and logistics, and consumer behaviour in Italy and Europe cannot be neglected. And the direct and indirect impacts of the lockdown measures are expected to increase also in the pulp, paper and packaging industry in the coming weeks. Last week, a couple of paper mills, as well as packaging, converting, finishing and printing facilities in Italy had already temporarily idled production or reduced operations. Now, several more companies are announcing to have scaled down their activities or plan to continue producing only at reduced pace.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), and the restrictions taken by businesses and governments in order to contain the Covid-19 spread, are reducing economic activity in Europe, and are expected to have a strong impact on most industrial segments.

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