Newsprint PM at IP's Kwidzyn mill still at a standstill

09 May 2018 − 

IP denies rumours that the PM will be rebuild to produce packaging grades

About seven weeks after the fire at the Polish paper mill of International Paper in Kwidzyn, the damaged newsprint PM is still at a standstill. The company did not make any statements as to when PM 3 could be restarted. "The repair work for the PM3 in Kwidzyn is in full swing and we are using all necessary resources to make the machine fully operational again safely and effectively so that we can serve our customers as quickly as possible," said a spokeswoman. Since the fire on 16 March, the plant, which is designed for an annual capacity of around 115,000 tonnes and which mainly produces standard newsprint, but for some time now also smaller quantities of packaging paper, has been out of operation.

The company denies rumours that IP will no longer produce newsprint in Kwidzyn and will completely rebuild the PM to make packaging papers. IP plans to produce the same grades as before, i.e. newsprint (Presso) and kraft paper (IPack). The product characteristics and qualities remain unchanged, as the damage relates only to the electrical cabling, but not to the systems for actual paper production, the company said.

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