Newsprint prices rise in Germany and France

Price development for standard newsprint 45 g on the market in France.
Source: EUWID
28 Jan 2019 − 

Manufacturers have consequently implemented price hikes on many a newsprint market in Europe.

Price negotiations on the newsprint market in Germany have largely been concluded by the end of January. As EUWID sources unanimously reported, newsprint has become more expensive across the board with heatset paper customers paying higher surcharges than coldset paper buyers for deliveries as of January.

In France, most of the new price agreements for deliveries as of January were already done and dusted in December. The price round on the French newsprint market resulted in mark-ups that are approximately equal to or slightly below the manufacturers's asking price increases.

In the specific case of annual contracts in which newsprint prices had not risen by the turn of the half-year 2018, customers had to swallow a double price hike. Correspondingly larger price increases apply for deliveries as of January in annual contracts.

In general, most paper mills have not met their original price targets for deliveries of coldset standard newsprint. Nevertheless, the renewed price increase is considered a huge and burdensome step for publishers.

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