Newsprint producers and buyers kick off price talks for 2021 in France

Price development for standards newsprint 42g
28 Oct 2020 − 

Price talks have started on the French newsprint market. Sellers will do everything they can to keep prices stable.

Buyers and sellers have embarked on the first preliminary talks about next year's newsprint prices in France. In upcoming discussions about prices that will apply from 1 January 2021 onwards, paper producers tend to be adopting a defensive stance and are preparing to fend off buyers' calls for additional price cuts.

The paper industry had virtually no leeway on prices, one representative from the manufacturing side of the market said. And newsprint buyers are not thought likely to show much goodwill since they are often in dire financial straits themselves. Keeping prices stable would be a challenging endeavour, one paper producer told EUWID.

The French newsprint segment has not experienced any fundamental changes in its climate. Some paper manufacturers have enjoyed a partial recovery in call-offs and incoming orders after they decreased in April and May. Nevertheless, producers are still operating at well below 90 per cent of their capacity and still taking commercial downtime

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