No big price declines expected on Italy's recovered paper market

Price levels for recovered paper are generally high at the moment
15 Dec 2021 − 

The recovered paper auctions staged by Comieco in Italy are often an indicator for the future price trend. At the auction in December, bids made by market players were only slightly lower than market prices.

Players active on Italy's recovered paper market apparently do not expect prices to alter significantly in the near future. This assessment is at least implied by the outcome of the latest recovered paper auction staged by the Italian consortium Comieco on 2 December. Prices bid at this auction were lower than at the last event in July. Nonetheless, they are not all that far from current prices on the open market - although a slight trend towards falling prices is still evident.

Buyers snapped up recovered paper for the period from January to April 2022. They bid an average of €137/t for recovered paper collected from households, which Comieco describes as consistent with mixed paper (1.02), and an average of €163/t for material from commercial collections, which corresponds to supermarket paper and board (1.04) or OCC (1.05).

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