No more cuts to pulp prices in November

Price development for BEK pulp
from Portugal/Spain
11 Dec 2019 − 

The downslide in pulp prices has come to a halt. Suppliers and converters agreed relatively quickly on unchanged prices for both softwood und hardwood pulp in November.

After softwood pulp prices on the European market stabilised for the first time in October after several months, hardwood pulp prices followed suit in November. The price level for the two benchmark grades in November has remained unchanged month-on-month. Pulp producers and converters expect prices to remain stable for the rest of the year either.

However, market conditions do not clearly indicate stable prices, according to market insiders. Even producers were occasionally taken by surprise at the outcome of recent negotiations, especially in the case of eucalyptus pulp. BEK pulp inventories are reportedly still high at European ports.

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