Norske Skog curbs output at Saugbrugs and Tasman paper mills

Picture of Coronavirus Sars-Cov-2.
Norske Skog has curtailed production at two mills
in Norway and New Zealand due to weak demand.
14 Apr 2020 − 

Newsprint and magazine paper manufacturer Norske Skog provides an operational update in Europe and Australasia amid Covid-19 impact on markets.

Norske Skog has curbed operations at the Saugbrugs supercalendered (SC) paper mill in Norway due to negative market developments as a result of the coronavirus restrictions. According to the company, production was halted on two smaller paper machines, PM 4 and PM 5, and 173 employees were laid off temporarily. Saugbrugs mill in Halden houses three paper machines with a total capacity of 485,000 tpy of SC paper.

Production was also halted at the Tasman newsprint and book paper mill. The mill shutdown in New Zealand was due to national lockdown restrictions, Norske Skog informed.

Norske Skog said it was monitoring the Covid-19 situation and its effects on the company's supply chain and markets. Production curtailments at Saugbrugs and Tasman paper mills were necessery to adjust operational activity to market requirements, the company explained.

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