Norske Skog Golbey's newsprint machine resumes operations

Newsprint is being produced again at Norkse Skog Golbey's PM2
Newsprint is being produced again
at Norkse Skog Golbey's PM2
02 Apr 2020 − 

The Golbey newsprint mill of Norske Skog is fully running again after a coronavirus-related downtime. It is however uncertain how orders will evolve.

Norkse Skog has restarted production at the PM 2 of its Golbey newsprint mill in France. The company told EUWID that the machine was put back into operation on 1 April after a two-week stoppage. The machine had been shut down due to one confirmed case of coronavirus, which required a 14-day quarantine for co-workers.

The Golbey mill has two newsprint machines. PM 2 is the larger one with a capacity of 350,000 tpy. The second one, PM 1, can produce up to a maximum of 250,000 tpy of newsprint.

A company spokesperson expressed concerns about the future workload of the machines. He said he feared shrinking orders for newsprint as many printing companies in France had suspended operations due to the coronavirus crisis.

Intergraf, the European Federation for Print and Digital Communication which also counts the French printing industry association Uniic among its members, has recently called on authorities at national level to recognise printing as part of the essential services in the Covid-19 crisis. The federations says printing is necessary for the production of essential products such as food, hygiene and medical products, but also newspapers. "10 per cent of individuals in Europe do not have access to the internet in their households, rendering them unable to access news online," writes Intergraf, referring to Eurostat figures.

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