Norske Skog restarts most of its machines

The publication paper machines at Norkse Skog
Golbey and Bruck have been restarted
26 May 2020 − 

The restrictions related to Covid-19 have intensified the drop in demand on the publication paper markets. Norske Skog has therefore curbed production at several mills.

Norske Skog has restarted several PMs that had been temporarily switched off at its Golbey and Bruck mills. However, PM 4 and PM 5 at the Saugbrugs mill are still down, a company spokesman confirmed. The idling measures were and are necessary due to the negative effects of the coronavirus restrictions on the market environment, the company says. Market players report a very steep fall in demand on the publicaiton paper markets.

At the Golbey newsprint mill in France, Norske Skog idled PM 1 on 4 May for two weeks. The machine produces up to 250,000 tpy of newsprint and is now operational again. The mill hosts a second PM with a capacity of 350,000 tpy, which had also been stopped for two weeks in mid-March for the same reasons, but is now running.

Machines at the company's Bruck mill in Austria are also back in operation after standing still for the scheduled periods. PM 4 was switched off from 1-14 May and PM 3 from 5-11 May. PM 4 is rated for 275,000 tpy of LWC while PM 3 can produce up to 128,000 tpy of newsprint.

Meanwhile, the downtime has been extended for two of the three PMs at the Saugbrugs mill. PM 4 and PM 5 have a combined capacity for 22,000 tpy of SC paper. It is not yet clear when they will resume operation.

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