Norske Skog takes more downtime at Golbey and Bruck

Several publication paper machines
at Norske Skog mills are standing still
04 May 2020 − 

Norske Skog has to resort to further downtime measures in order to deal with the impacts of the coronavirus. PMs will be halted at Bruck and Golbey, while the Tasman mill has resumed operations.

Norske Skog is taking further downtime measures. After production stoppages at Golbey, Saugbrugs and Tasman, the company now also reports a shutdown at the Bruck publication paper mill as well as a new stoppage at Golbey, citing negative market developments as a result of corona restrictions.

At the Bruck mill in Austria, the company has reportedly shut down PM 4 on 1 May, with production planned to be restarted after two weeks on 14 May. The site's second machine, PM 3, is to be idled for a week from 5-11 May. PM 4 produces LWC paper with a capacity of 275,000 tpy, while PM 3 can make up to 128,000 tpy of newsprint.

In France, the Golbey newsprint mill is now partly down again. Norkse Skog announced on 4 May that it temporarily ceased production at the PM 1 for two weeks. The machine has a designed capacity of 250,000 tpy of newsprint. It is not the first time that operations are interrupted at the site. The mill's PM 2, the larger of the two machines at the site with a capacity of 350,000 tpy of newsprint, was halted for two weeks in the second half of March.

Downtime at the Saugbrugs mill, where two of the site's three paper machines are currently standing still, is continuing. PM 4 and PM 5 have a combined capacity of 220,000 tpy of SC paper and it is not yet clear when they will be restarted. Norkse Skog now announced that the 173 employees, which were temporarily laid off due to the downtime, would now be trained to serve as summer holiday substitutes.

Tasman mill up and running again

Good news, however, comes from the Tasman mill in New Zealand. After the government ended the national lockdown restrictions, the mill was reportedly restarted on 4 May. The site has a capacity of 150,000 tpy of newsprint, directory paper and book paper. All other Norkse Skog mills are running normally, the company says.

Consumption of publication paper has been dwindling amid the corona crisis. Lockdown measures in different countries mean, for example, that advertising was reduced so that fewer leaflets were printed or the number of pages in newspapers decreased, market insiders report. This has reportedly accelerated the structural demand decline in this market segment.

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